Hydravlig Double Cavity Tire Automatic Shaping And Curing Press
type   LLY-B840x380x2 LLY-840x600x2 LLY-B900x1000x2
sulfuration specification    12.5"-28"bicycle tyre and industrial tyre 8"-18"motor bicycle tyre and industrial tyre 2.50-8-3.25-21-4.50-10
maximum model shutting pressure KN 380x2 600x2 1000x2
heating plate number PCS 2 2 2
internal diameter of heat preservation cover mm 840 840 900
sulfuration model height mm 55-200 70-230 100-230
model opening height mm 800 900 900
maximum raw robber hreght mm 320 360 360
model opening/shutting time S 10-15
steam pressure on heating plate Mpa Max.1.0
sulfuration medium   compressed air steam steam or over heat water
sulfuration inner pressure Mpa 1.2-1.8 1.5-2.5 1.5-2.5
air pressure of middle suppress water Mpa 0.6-0.8 2-2.5used for model taking off at central structure
pressure of controlling air source Mpa 0.35
nacuum degree Mpa 0.013-0.026
oil cylinder specification mm f140xf90xf800 f200xf110xf900 f250xf140xf900
motor power KW 11one pump motor 22one pump motor
weight kg 3100 4200 5000
dimension mm 1740x2432x3320 2540x1700x3700 2680x1700x3732