XY-230-630/720Double-roller Vertical Calendar
Roll diameter 230mm
Roll face width 630mm 720mm
Liner velocity of front roll 8.5m/min
Velocity ratio of rolls 1:1
Roll gap 4mm
Decelerator type BWY5.5-3-23
Velocity ratio 1:23
Auxiliary velocity ratio chain wheel 1:5.33
Motor type Y132s-4
Power 5.5KW
Transform velocity ratio 1440r/min
Overall dimension (LengthxWidthxHeight) 1450x890x1680mm
Total weight 2T
660-1Type single--knife Rubber Cutter
Type 660Type
Cutting knife travel 660mm
Cutting knife travel 680mm
Total pressure 8T
Empty-car travel time 10-15Sec
Rubber-cutting travel time 15-17Sec
Work maximum pressure 4.5MPa
Oil pump parameter 80L/min 6.5MPa 80I/min specified pressure 605Mpa
Oil capacity 60-90L
Motor power 5.5KW 960r/min
Total weight 2.2T
Overall dimension (lengthxwidthxheight) 1990x1330x2530