HKP-400 Broken Sheet Machine
Roll diameter 400mm
Roll face width 600mm
Liner velocity of front roll 16.8m/min
Velocity ratio of rolls 1:1.38
Roll gap 10mm
Decelerator type JZQ-650
Velocity ratio 12.64
Motor type Y280M-6
Power 55KW
Production capacity (Broken sheet piece)
(Rcclaimed sheet comminution)


Overall dimension (LengthxWidthxHeight) 4125x1760x1800mm
Total weight ~7T
X(S)K-450Open Rubber (Plastic) Refiner
Roll diameter 450mm
Roll face width 1200mm
Liner velocity of front roll 23.84m/min
Velocity ratio of rolls 1:1.2727
Roll gap 10mm
Once feeling capacity 40kg
Decelerator type JZQ-750
Velocity ratio 1:12.64
¡Motor type Y280M-6
Power 55KW
Overall dimension (LengthxWidthxHeight) 5066x1910x1886mm
Total weight 14T