Automatic Production Line of Butanoic Rubber lnner Tube
   1.Performance & Function
    The production line is one kind of automatic production process to produce butanoic rubber and natural rubber inner tube which is supplied to bicycle and motor bicycle. The cold or warm feeding material extruding machine can be used to the production line to extrude the tube. The method of cooling is spray. The production line can dig hole, paste air valve mouth, fix length and cut off automatically. The whole production line is driven by one motor, the every part transferred by a deliver device to ensure the speed of every part is synchronous. There are main characteristic of the line. 1. Guarantee the quality of production. 2. Improve the work effeciency. 3. Lighten the labour intensity. 4. Reduce the production costs.
   2.Technologcal Process
Tube extrude→Cool→Dry→Dig hole→Paste air valve mouth→Keep apart tube→Cut off→Connect→joint→Vulanize