CX-1 spring anti-package bicycle auto-shaped machine
Molding scope 8″~28″
Shade layers 1~3 layers
Max width of shade 400MM
Max diameter of shade 500MM
Max width of the tire face 200MM
Max diameter of  the  tire face roll 680MM
Driving power of the main motor 1.5KW
Driving power of  the  conveying cloth system 0.75KW×2
Air pressure 6KG/CM2
The center form of the spindle Colour , adjustable, molding ray lamp
Inflated drum form Conical air pump radial inflated drum pattern
Reverse from Spring connecting pole propulsive
Control system PLC  programme  control
Conjugating form of molding drum and main unit 8"~12"、14"~18"、18"~28"
Overall dimension (length x width x height) 2280x2210x1650mm
Total weight ≈1.5T
Motorcycle tire building machine
 Model  AW-STB-1618  AW-STB-1821
 Drum diameter  f15"-f18"  f18"-f21"
 Applicable tyre  MC
 Control system  PLC control
 Main shaft motor  1.5KW/0.5KWx4P/12P
 Drum revolution  180/60rpm
 Under-stitches motor  AC-1/2HP
 Air pressure  6kg/cm2
 Electrical power  380V 50HZ
 Dlmension  2200x2500x2000mm
 Building speed  2 PLY BUILDING 50sec/pc