X(S)K-160 new-type driving open rubber (plastic) refiner CJD-Y200 butyl inside tyre joiner
X(S)K-230 open rubber (plastic) refiner Automatic Production Line of Butanoic Rubber lnner Tube
X(S)K-250 open rubber (plastic) refine YNL-6 Hydraulic Frame Double-layer Automatic Inner-tube
X(S)K-300 open rubber (plastic) refiner XPG-800 Rubber coling Technological Process
X(S)K-360 open rubber (plastic) refiner CX-1 spring anti-package bicycle auto-shaped machine
X(S)K-400 open rubber (plastic) refiner TC-1 The automatically length cutting process for
motorcycle's tyre surface
X(S)K-450 open rubber (plastic) refiner CCY-1 building machine of bicycle type
X(S)K-560 open rubber (plastic) refiner LL-A880 type building machine
X(S)MF-50/30 internal mixer machinery WC-1500 horizontal cutting machine
XY-230-630/720 double-roller vertical calender Hydraulic double cavity tire automatic shaping and curing press
XJ-65 rubber squeezer XTC-1 Building Machine of Motorcycle Type
XJ-115 rubber squeezer YWL-6 Hydraulic Frame Vulcanizator for Multilayer Tyre
  CL-1/28 cycle tube press
  XPG-800 Rubber cooling machine